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Winning Jackpot: Slot Game Secret Revealed

by casinosearch88August 1, 2016

Winning the casino jackpot is a dream come true for many casino players. Indeed it is something that can be done. In fact, a certain number of lucky casino players have done it in a few occasions. If you have been dreaming of winning the jackpot, you have come to the right place . In this article, we will be discussing the ins and outs on how to win the casino jackpot on the casino slot machines.

Whenever someone win a “jackpot”, it also mean that they have won payout of $1200 or more on a single slot machine spin or bonus round. The casino players will have to bet max credit in order to qualify for a jackpot win . In most casino slot machines, the max credit would be between $3-$5 a spin. Winning the jackpot is an exciting feeling. Even by dreaming about it will give you thrill and happiness.

Below are a few useful tips on how to win the casino jackpot. Use these tips on your next casino slot gameplay and it will increase your winning odds greatly.

  1. Deep pocket. You would need at least a few hundred dollar that you can afford to lose.
  2. Balls of steel. You would need to have courage to keep playing even after losing a few hundred dollars.
  3. Lastly, the luck to win the jackpot before you ran out of fund.

However, winning the casino jackpot is still a rare occasion for most casino players. It will not happen at each time you visit the casino. Given the low frequency, you should not keep chasing the jackpots by betting max all the time. Not all slot machines are giving out good payout. However, there are some slot machines which would have a higher probability of winning big jackpot. Betting on the wrong machine will lead to losing your money in a hurry.

The best way to win the jackpot would be to locate slot machine that is HOT. It would be wise when you bet max credit on these HOT machines. One of the method some casino players use is to move from game to game to locate the HOT machine that is paying out well. It is time to bet big once you have identified these machines,.

There are no guarantee that you will find one of these machines on each visit to the casino. However, it is recommended that you go after 2 A.M on the weekends when the casino is less crowded. Only then you will have a bigger variety of slot machines to choose from for winning the jackpot. Once the HOT machine start to cool down, it is time to lower your bets or even move straight to another game. There are many theories regarding hot slot machines. Through our experience, slot machines do run in cycles and casino players need to take note of that.

Paying taxes on slot machine jackpot

Whenever the casino players win a big payout worth $1200 or more, the slot machine will display as message stating  “JACKPOT call attendant” on the screen. The casino player will need to fill out some tax form before cashing out their jackpot. The jackpot payout will also be reported to the tax department as the casino players are required to pay taxes on them. Some players would prefer the casino to hold a certain percentage of their big payout for taxes. There are also some slot game winners that would like to take the full amount and only pay tax at the end of the year. Jackpot winners are required to show their ID for the casino records for tax purposes. You must show your ID in order to claim your jackpot winnings. Therefore, do bring along your ID when you visit the casino.

Some casino players that have won a few jackpots have mistaken their luck for the big win. They might even feel that they can win the jackpot on every visit to the casino. One of our friend won $2000 on consecutive casino visits. This had lead him to chase the jackpots even when the games are not paying out well. Lucky streak will eventually run out and what casino players should do is to reserve their max credit bets on hot slot machines. This will massively increase your chance of winning the jackpot and protect you against any big losses.


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