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How to Win 4D in Malaysia? Magnum, Damacai, Toto

by casinosearch88July 26, 2016

What is 4D?

In Malaysia, 4D is actually one of the types of lottery. Lottery is a form of gambling that allows players to bet on a certain set of numbers. The most famous lottery types in Malaysia include 3D, 4D, and 6D. 4D is the most prevailing lottery games in the country. In fact, 4D stands for 4 Digits, and players are required to purchase 4 digits in any combination, ranging from 0000 to 9999. There are 10,000 number combinations in total. Players could expect large winning payout if the purchased number is drawn to be the selected number combination during the draw.

Magnum, Damacai, and Toto

There are few licensed Number Forecast Operators (NFOs) in Malaysia, including Magnum, Damacai, and Toto. These are the most popular NFOs for 4D. Winning payout structure for all these companies are pretty much the same. As a matter of fact, Magnum was the first to be awarded license by the Malaysian Government to operate 4D number games in the country. That was many years ago. As such, it has the strongest brand name in Malaysian 4D number game industry amongst others. Nonetheless, Damacai and Toto are also highly preferred by many of the local 4D players. Each of them would have slightly different prize rewards in order to attract players.

Black Market 4D Business in Malaysia

In Malaysia, only the above-mentioned – Magnum, Damacai, and Toto, are licensed NFOs that are regulated under the local authority. However, there are hundreds, or maybe thousands of companies that provide lottery purchase services in the country. These are so-called black market operators, which includes SB88, NW62, MPK, Phoenix, and many more. How do they operate? In fact, their products are being marketed through large agent networks. It works based on hierarchical structure. Agent makes profits from the total amount of purchased lottery, taking a certain percentage from it as commissions. Some of the agents even accept positing taking, which means they would have a share in the customer’s win/lose. Therefore, agents would need to compensate a portion of the prizes if customers are lucky enough to strike the lottery.

Agents usually provide lottery purchase services in the form of retail, either through the use of Chinese restaurants (Kopitiam), Indian restaurants (Mamak), or even telco shops. How do their lottery services work? Nowadays agents use mobile apps or browser-based sites to place lottery orders for customers. After than, agents would then print out a hard copy receipt and give it to customers as a proof of purchase. Alternatively, agents can send a virtual receipt to customers through SMS. This is why you can always see a lot of people queuing outside telco shops, mostly expatriates, during lottery draws.

But, why would a customer purchase lottery from black market operators instead of licensed operators? Would they not worry about the payment issues if customers win too much? In Malaysia, we are talking about daily sales volume of about hundreds million ringgit for black market operators. There is a trade-off between the illegal and licensed operators. For black market operators, they offer much higher prize reward to compensate customers for insufficiency in confidence. Usually, the rate goes from +5% to +10%. This means customers would receive additional 5% or 10% on top of their prize rewards. This is an highly attractive offer. Another important factors is that, licensed operators does not have retail kiosk in some of the rural areas. They do not have 100% area coverage in the country. Well, black market agents would probably provide a much more convenience lottery services, while customers do not have to go miles away just to purchase lottery ticket. Lastly, there is no need for customers to pay tax if they receive the prize rewards, since it is illegal source of income. This helps to save a lot of tax payment. As such, black market 4D businesses are able to sustain in Malaysia for so many years.

How to Win 4D in Malaysia

Everyone dreams of getting rich from 4D. I would not say it is not possible, just that chances are slightly lower than many other gambling games in Malaysia. Of course, its winning payout is also much higher. Traditionally, the Chinese way is that old folks would study The Book of 4D, hoping to find any lucky numbers that are related to the incidents that occur around them on a daily basis. Here, we are going to share about some of the tips to win 4D in Malaysia:

Number Hints

Some experienced 4D buyers are constantly paying attentions to everything surrounding him or her, and anything that could possible hint a lucky numbers. For instances, one of the most common ways in Malaysia is to purchase the car plate numbers of a vehicle which has just encountered car accident. Sometime, this way really works. It depends on your luck. You might think this is not scientifically proven, but at least it gives you a clue on which number combination you should buy. You can almost find any related lucky numbers in The Book of 4D.

Focused Numbers

Think about this, you should really stick to a certain sets of number combinations over the long term. Do you think this makes sense? Have you encountered any situation where your lucky number happens to be the first prize, but you missed out to purchase the number? If yes, that’s really heart-breaking. Trust me, I got what you feel. So, you would have higher chances to strike lottery if you constantly purchase a certain set of numbers from day 1 till the end.


You might be asking by now: What is iBox? iBox is a popular form for Malaysians to purchase lottery. Say for example, if you want to buy the number “1234”, how many number combinations would there be if we re-arrange the sequence of the numbers? The answer is 24. iBox allows you to purchase all possible number combinations by placing an order with only 4 digits. It will automatically place order for the remaining number combinations. Well, now you have purchased 24 number combinations by giving only one number combination. Wouldn’t your chances to win be higher now?

4D Sure-win Tips

There are numerous Facebook pages or groups selling ads and claim that they offer sure-win 4D tips to anyone who is interested. The pre-requisite is to join their membership by paying subscription fees on a monthly basis. I would say some of these are actually conman who are trying to cheat your money. They would just simply disappear after having collected your fist subscription payment. They would then switch to the next target to cheat for another subscription fees payment. Nonetheless, I have a friend who has been engaging with such 4D sure-win tips provider for almost 6 months. Surprisingly, the result was impressive. Some of the tips providers really provide useful tips that allow you to win 4D over the longer-term. If you really believe in this, faster get one. Maybe this would be the time you can get rich without much efforts.

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