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by casinosearch88July 28, 2016

Every now and then, we all hear people winning big jackpot from the slot machines. No denying that the slot machine is indeed one of the most popular casino game in all land casino. Due to its popularity in the casino, the slot machine has become a major part of gambling activity.

Some of the casino players have been betting and winning big from casino slot machine. Have you ever wonder what it takes to win from the slot machine? Well, you came to the right place. There are some tips that you can use if you are looking to win more cash from the slot machine game in the land casino. Betting in casino slot game would be more enjoyable if you increase your winning odds in the game.

Spending your free time in the casino can be a very thrilling and enjoyable activity. The atmosphere in the casino has made it to be one of the best place to spend your free time. Casino players are splashing big cash in the casino games. Very often you may see burst of actions from the casino player and high emotions can definitely be felt throughout the casino.

There are a few tips to keep in mind on your next trip to place bets on the slot machine. These tips may very well increase your chances of winning in the slot machine. If you are lucky enough, you may even win the jackpot.

Slot Machine by the end of the aisle

Choosing the right slot machine to play your slot game do make a different to winning and losing your game. With so many slot machines in the casino, which one do you think will increase your winning odds? If you are given a choice, do choose the slot machines that are situated near the aisles’ end. The machines near the aisles’ end would be a place where you would want to place your bet. This is because all casino are always looking for ways to get their customer more into their establishment. The end of the aisles would definitely the area where they place more attention to.

Slot Machine near the Bar or Lounge

Most casinos will offer free drinks at the lounge or bar. However, they will lose money if you are in there for the freebies and not placing your bets. Therefore, the slot machines near the bar or lounge area would be another great place to place your bets. Whenever, casino players hear someone is winning from these area, they are very likely to get motivated to spend money by placing their bets too. These machines would generally have a higher winning odds as compare to the others.

Avoid Slot Machine near Table Games

Avoiding the slot machines near the table games would be another wise choice. It is really rare that casino players will find any good playing machines near the table games. If you are not betting with slot machines, it is very likely that you would be betting at the table games. Casino players who place their bets on the table games are big spenders. This is also due to the fact that the minimum bet for table games are generally much higher than the slot machines. Therefore, the casino will not allow any casino players be distracted by noisy slot machines. Remember to avoid these poorly playing machines at the game table and you will do much better while betting with slot machines.

Avoid Slot Machine near the Washroom

Another slot machines to avoid would be the machines situated near the washrooms. Nobody like to place their bets near these area. In fact, most of the people won’t even play at these machines and most of these machines have not been spun much at all. As a result, in the event where you win some of your bets on these machines, they would have a much smaller payout as compare to the other machines.  Avoid them at all cost and you will increase your chances of winning a big payout.


Betting in casino slot machines can be really fun and exciting. Practice these tips as mentioned above and you will definitely win more consistently from your slot game betting.


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