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Reveal the Truth About Online Casino Malaysia

by casinosearch88September 6, 2016

Online Casino Malaysia is Growing Rapidly

Many of you might have experience of gambling with online casino Malaysia before. But, have you idea how does it really operate? Take a look back into 5 years ago, that was the time when online casino companies started to emerge in Malaysia. Back then, online casino companies could still use newspaper as an effective medium to advertise. That was the era with less proliferation in digital devices. Today, nearly everyone owns a smartphone. It’s just like inseparable part of our life.  Therefore, the way that online casino companies advertise their businesses is very much different too. Online casino advertisers tend to focus more on digital advertisements, such as Facebook, WeChat, pop-ads, porn sites, forum banners, and so forth. Some of the professional ones even dive into Search Engine Optimization (SEO), trying to rank their money sites ahead of others to generate web traffic.

There are no official figures on the quantity of existing online casino companies. I would say there is just too many. If you search for the keyword “Casino” in the Facebook’s search box, you could probably get more than 1,000 search results. Online casino companies are like everywhere in the internet world. This is probably not a good phenomena to the society. On the other hand, gamblers can easily engage with any of the online casino sites to start betting. Forget about the illegal gambling dens (also known as Kedai Mesin in Malay), that’s where old folks would go. Nowadays, gamblers would rather gamble at home without going to illegal gambling dens. Especially when you could probably get caught if there is a police raid. Given huge changes in the gamblers’ preferences and patterns, online casino Malaysia has been growing at a rapid pace.

Who Operate the Online Casino Malaysia Companies?

Unlike the old days, where illegal gambling businesses were mostly run by the local gangsters. Powers and violences were in need to protect their underground businesses. Today, online casino Malaysia companies are mostly run by those uni grads who are more internet-savvy and computer literate. Knowledge is the key to run a successful online casino Malaysia. Just in case you have no idea, managing online gambling businesses are even more competitive than running illegal gambling dens. Some would prefer spending a huge amount of money to boost their marketing campaigns through advertising agents. That’s why you can always see advertisements for online casino sites everywhere in the country.

Some of the old-fashioned gambling syndicates have also recognised the need to run an online casino business. This is because the number of players gambling inside illegal gambling dens have been decreasing. Why would you risk your safety when you can actually bet at home? As such, these illegal syndicates would usually hire highly educated young folks to help them managing the online gambling businesses. As we all know, the standard of living in Malaysia is getting higher and higher. The sad truth is that most of the fresh grads can’t even feed themselves with their pathetic pays. This is why more and more fresh grads are willing to join the online gambling businesses.

How Does Online Casino Malaysia Operate?

In general, online casino companies collect funds from gamblers through online banking facilities. In return, they would top-up casino game credit for gamblers who have successfully made cash deposit to the company’s bank accounts. What if someone lodge a police report against these illegal bank accounts? Do you think the illegal syndicates would really use their self-registered bank accounts to collect funds? If yes then you’re just too innocent. Many of the online casino Malaysia operators rent proxy bank accounts to serve their businesses purposes. They just need to pay a fixed monthly rentals for such bank accounts to the account owners. Hence, there is nothing the local authority can do about these bank accounts other than freezing such illegal bank accounts. The online casino operators could just fully escape from the liability.

Just like any other land-based casino in the world, most of the online casino companies operate 24 hours a day in Malaysia. There must be a team of customer service representatives to support the operations. These customer service representatives are responsible to resolve any related issues for the gamblers. The customer support team is another important key to the success. Good online casino Malaysia companies with great team of customer service representatives would tend to retain more gamblers. What does a gambler really need? It’s all about money and services. You can’t control how much they can win from the casino games. But you can improve your customer service performance to enlighten the gamblers.

More often, online casino Malaysia companies make use of fascinating and creative advertisements to attract new players. Most of the most effective manners is to offer free online casino bonuses to players. Let’s ask yourself, who does’t want free bonuses? Most of these free bonus campaigns could easily gain attentions. However, these free bonus campaigns are usually attached with stringent terms and conditions. Gamblers would need to achieve certain amount of betting rollover before a cash withdrawal can be approved. Some of them even offer sky-high welcome bonuses to reward new players.

Some Popular Online Casino Malaysia Products

There is a long list of online casino Malaysia products that you can gamble with. There are just too many. We would only mention the most famous ones for you to understand the whole market. These include Rollex Casino, NewTown Casino, Rich96, LuckyPalace Casino, Crown Casino, LeoCity88 Casino, SCR888, SKY3888, IBCBet, SBOBet, and PlayBoy888. In addition, 3Win8 is the latest mobile online slot game in Malaysia, which is quite worth-highlighted. This is because 3Win8 provides you the best entertaining slot game experience that you can ever encounter before. In fact, most of the products above offer a great variety of online gambling games. It includes live casino games, table and card games, online slot games, lottery, keno, sports betting, and so forth.

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