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by casinosearch88July 20, 2016

What is SCR888?

Before we even start to talk about SCR888, I gotta say it is very important for you to understand its background in the first place. This can be traced all the way back to many years ago. Back then, SCR888 was only available for desktop version. It was installed in almost all of the illegal gambling dens in Malaysia. Game connectivity is completely based on LAN network. That said, technicians are required to connect the IP network between Server PC and Client PC. One server can be channeled to multiple computers. As such, the game process is highly smooth. It does not require heavy data consumption. Instead, it is being run within intranet that requires much lesser data. Remember when internet speed was still slow as turtle about 5 years ago? This is how SCR888 succeed to conquer market share. People love to play it because there is no delay at all during the games.

SCR888 is specialised in online slot games. Playtech’s slot games have been the mainstream in Malaysia for almost a decade, until the debut of SCR888. It offers not much, but only 70 over slot games for players’ selection. Nonetheless, people get to learn this product very quickly. It is designed with highly simple game interface, features, as well as structure layout. Even an illiterate could pick up within hours. The success of SCR888 was a big threat to other Playtech’s products like 12Win and Rollex. Today, the world has changed, so does SCR888. It is no longer offered for desktop version anymore, but also mobile version. Mobile slot games are leading the entire industry these days. Now is the time where people staring at their smartphones every single second. You would not want to launch a product that doesn’t come with mobile apps or mobile-friendly layout. It is even more challenging than before. SCR888 has recognised this, and made changes to its product. You are about to find out how its mobile version works in Malaysia later on.

How I Earn Money from SCR888 in the Past?

SCR888 has been the favourite game of all casino players in Malaysia for quite some time. Notwithstanding the above, another key that leads to its success is the progressive jackpots. Unlike today, most of the products refused to offer high progressive jackpots during old days. SCR888 was the first to offer such high progressive jackpots to reward players. That time, I was still a young man working in a car workshop. My pay was pathetic, can’t even cover my daily expenses. To sustain my living, the only way I could think of is to make profits from online gambling. Of course, there was no online betting site few years back. I went to illegal gambling dens everyday, gambled like no tomorrow. At first, I lost a lot of money. I did not even have the courage to tell my family or friends. I was so lost, until I went to borrow a large amount of cash from money lenders. I knew I had no turning back. The only way I could get out from this is to win big from slot games.

Having recognised the severity of this, I took a step back and think before I play. I did many researches to explore for winning tips. Being introduced by one of my gambling mates, I ran into this guy who used to be a technician in the SCR888’s company. He understood my situation and was willing to help me up. But how? He shared with me some of the secret tips to win from SCR888 slot games. I was so shocked. The rumours were all real! Why were I so dumb? Of course he knows the way. These technicians are the ones who developed the games. He could even estimated when the games would start giving bonus payout by studying the game routines. He taught me how to do that. The next day, I brought along the cash the I had borrowed from money lenders. I decided to recoup all my losses one shot. It was like a die-or-live. I followed the steps that I learnt from the technician, and guess what? I won 10 times of my money at the end of the day. The shopkeeper of that illegal gambling den even warned me to stay away from his shop. Who care? There are thousands of illegal gambling dens in the country. Now I can win easily from SCR888 games as much as I want!

Until today, I’ve been playing SCR888 slot games for about 5 years. This is how I make a living. I am a professional slot game player. Given my gambling experience in the past, I would like to share more about SCR888 slot games with everyone who is reading this post.

SCR888 Has Changed

As said, mobile slot games are getting more popular in Malaysia. This is hard fact. I can foresee that mobile casino games will be taking over at least 70% of the local online gambling market in the next few years. This is why you can see that many game developers have been working so hard to launch their mobile casino products. SCR888 is one of them. It officially launched its mobile version in the last quarter of 2015. At the beginning, such mobile version was only available to be downloaded in Android smartphones, just like 12Win and Rollex. Why is that so? In fact, the development cost of Android casino games is considered much cheaper than IOS version. Playtech’s products are reluctant to develop IOS version, just because they are dominating the local market. There is no need for them to do so. Nevertheless, another closest rival of SCR888 – SKY3888, has been doing so well in Malaysia which was supported by its dual mobile version (both Android and IOS). There is definitely a need for SCR888 to build its IOS game apps. After a few months, it succeeded to launch its IOS version around March of 2016, which was also a big news in the market.

Since then, SCR888 Mobile Casino has been booming quickly in the local market. The number of keyword searches for “SCR888”, has also grown from the initial 15k a month, to the current 120k a month. I would say its mobile version is doing even better than its desktop version. Everyone is crazy about this game in Malaysia. But, why is it so successful? This could be attributed to several factors. We need to evaluate the key behind its success from a few perspectives. No matter how, the truth is, it has already transformed from a computer-based online slot game software, to now a popular mobile-based online slot game software.

Easy to Win

Everyone would like to win from slot games. This is why we play it. Many game developers couldn’t understand this. Some of the products offer poor winning payout, hoping that players would lose all their money from the moment they start playing the games. This kind of strategy would never work. SCR888 understands the importance of winning payout to attract players. Even a lousy slot game product can attract thousands of players, if it offers higher-than-average winning payout. This is the strategy that SCR888 used to market its products. Those players who played SCR888 slot games within the first 6 months after its official launch, would probably get rich by now. That was the time when the highest winning payout was offered. It was like you would get free bonus games or free spins every minute you play the games. Many players even got the minor jackpots, major jackpots, or even progressive jackpots! After some time, winners started to spread the words: it is damn easy to win from SCR888! Day after day, more and more players jump onto the bandwagon and start playing its slot games. This is how SCR888 grow its customer base.

Today, SCR888 is still the easiest-to-win slot games compared to other products. It is now serving more than millions players a day, not only in Malaysia, but also Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia. It is just like another Pokemon Go in the slot game industry. It creates insanity, and you can see everyone plays SCR888 almost everywhere. One thing that I didn’t mention, is that it does not offer live casino games. From what I have heard from the market, live casino games could possibly be launched soon. If that really happens, this would probably be another top news in 2016. I can see that such probability is quite high, given that its multiplayer game mode has just been launched about few week ago. It is like nothing can ever stop SCR888 from making greater success now.

Hacking SCR888 Slot Games?

Another popular rumour is that, people make fortunes from hacking SCR888 slot games. How did they do that? This is totally different from the old days. You won’t be able to win easily from its slot games by using tips or tricks, as its game protection has been upgraded to higher level. As such, some of the anonymous sellers are promoting SCR888 hacking softwares on YouTube or Facebook. They claim that such softwares could trigger the bonus payout during the games, thus making you rich overnight. Some of these softwares are being sold for about RM3k – 5k per installation. I have not verified the authenticity of such software. But I am just curious. If they own such fantastic hacking softwares, why not they keep it for their own use to gain profits everyday? Having said that, I do not rule out the possibility of the existence of such hacking software. Because I deeply believe there are always loopholes in every single slot game product.

How to Play SCR888 Games in Malaysia?

There are two ways to play SCR888 slot games in Malaysia. First, you can approach an agent to get SCR888 game ID. After that, you just need to download its mobile game application on your Samsung or iPhone and start playing the games. The question is, would you get timely payment if you somehow win big from the games? The sad truth is, your agent might flee away the next day if you were so lucky to strike the progressive jackpots. You would not be able to get your money. This is the main risk that betting with casino agents. Alternatively, you can instead bet with an approved online casino agent for SCR888 slot games. Such agent is offering online gambling services via online betting site. They usually have sizeable operations. So, a few hundred thousands of progressive jackpots do not mean a thing to them. However, there are still dishonest online betting sites in Malaysia. As such, the safest way to get a quality SCR888 agent, is to do careful researches through the use of some of the Malaysia online casino review sites. From there, you would be able to find out which online betting site is given the best comments or testimonials by players. It is 100% cash term engaging with such online betting site. Thus, you would be able to get your winning payout immediately upon your withdrawal request.

Professional Advice to Slot Game Players

If you were interested to play online slot games in Malaysia, my advice to you is: play the most popular one. Why? On a frequent basis, you would stand higher chances to strike the progressive jackpots if the product’s betting turnover is high. In other words, the higher the betting turnover, the higher the chances to win. This does not only apply to an individual game account, but also the overall betting turnover of a particular product as a whole. Today, SCR888 is considered the hottest slot game in Malaysia. A smart slot game player would just follow this trend, and you could be the next big winner who got rich from playing SCR888 slot games. More importantly, do not ever get addicted with slot games. As a matter of fact, online gambling is purely a way to relax your minds and bodies. Some of them would abuse it, hence losing all money at the end. You should always try to maintain the best mental and physical conditions to play slot games. Do not over spend on playing slot games. If you can control these, I believe very soon you can start making profits from SCR888 slot games.

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