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Online Slot Game Vs. Live Dealer Game

by casinosearch88October 18, 2016

Personal and individual entertainment has become quite essential especially in online slot game. The young, middle-aged and even the old are currently looking for the latest and up to date online slot games. People are now moving and changing their gaming entertainment habits from live dealer games to online slot games. However, it is important to note that these two games are distinct and unique in their own way. Preference is conditional and therefore people may tend to lean on one side more. To identify which is the best, here are some comparisons basis for online slot game and the live dealer games.


An online slot game can be played anytime and by anyone. The ability to play using your 3Win8 Online Casino at the comfort of your own home, work or whenever you have some time to spare. In addition, you do not have to wait in case the tables are in capacity like in a live dealer game. Furthermore, you do not have to access an actual casino to participate in an online slot game. You just need time; smartphone or even a computer and you are ready to go.

A live dealer game does not guarantee convenience. This is because tables are always at capacity. In addition, the games take roughly longer to complete and worth only a few minutes spare time; it would be impossible to engage in any game. This locks out some of the players and customer dissatisfaction becomes an issue.


Slot games in the 3Win8 Online Casino have the capacity to accommodate different and numerous users at the same time. There is no specific time that your favorite online slot game will fail you. Online slot game is there waiting for you regardless of how busy online platform can sometimes be.

A live dealer game has a long line of people waiting for a chance to sit at each passing day. Therefore, your favorite entertainment dealer game is not always at your disposal, which can be quite irritating. This is because live dealer game machines and tables are limited, thus limiting user’s accessibility.


Have you considered the number of online slot game present on the 3Win8 Online Casino? If not, log in and try to count them. You will find that they are several and you can choose any and entertain yourself with any online slot game. The user has a wide range of the latest, state of the art online slot game for you to engage in the variety offers a unique experience to each user who visits and participates in the 3Win8 Online Casino, in its online slot game. In addition, online slot games are being launched each day; they have new features and other exciting factors such that it would take a lifetime to play all the different versions of the games.

Updating live dealer game or including new changes in them is quite hard. In addition, people are looking forward to playing the same type of a game, which becomes boring at some point. Furthermore, new games take quite a long while before they are accepted, assimilated and played generally.

Tokens and Rewards

Rewards are common part of every casino in an attempt to retain players and welcome new ones online slot game they offer. The 3Win8 Online Casino is a perfect example as it offers 100%bonus to all its new registrations. It is a fact that they offer such incentives to attract new signups for their online slot game. With the numerous games offered by the 3Win8 Online Casino, many signups are expected in a day.

In a live dealer game, bonuses are not a usual thing like in an online slot game. The only rewarding thing is that in a live dealer game, there is human contact and other interactive and entertaining elements as well In addition, some of the bonuses are attached to different live dealer game conditions and are awarded after winning a certain wager.

Competitive Games

An online slot game continuously provides its user with new opportunities to earn more money particularly through competitive tournaments. Online slot games are readily available at any specific time but those of a live dealer game may be not Offers can be made without your knowledge, as you have to visit a casino to know the pending dealer games.


An online slot game in every aspect is the best for personal entertainment purpose. It is efficient, convenient and offers numerous opportunities to earn more compared to the live dealer game.

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