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Play 918Kiss App on Your Android APK and iOS Smartphones Now

by casinosearch88February 8, 2018

Play 918Kiss App in 2018

First of all, what is 918Kiss App? Basically, it is a mobile slot game application which was just introduced in Malaysia about a month ago. Everyone expects it will become the next hottest mobile slot game in 2018, but why?

In fact, it is the revamped version of the old SCR888, which was in turn the largest mobile slot game in Malaysia previously. SCR888 undertaken a rebranding project and changed its brand name into 918Kiss. Therefore, 918Kiss has inherited all the popular slot games from SCR888. Nothing much different except its game login page, loading page, as well as game lobby.

Some people say it will continue to offer high winning payout as what SCR888 did in the past. As a matter of fact, we have received reliable information saying that 918Kiss will further increase its winning payout in 2018. This is something they must do in order to retain existing players.

Not everyone can accept the new brand name. SCR888 has been rooted in players’ mindset that it appears to be the easiest-to-win mobile slot game in Malaysia. It is always hard for one to change its mindset overnight. Therefore, the new 918Kiss would need to put in a lot of efforts to strengthen its brand standing. The quickest way would be to heighten its winning payout immediately.

What would be the implication of this? It would be much easier for slot game players to win money from 918Kiss App! You should really grab the chance to maximize your online gambling profits in 918Kiss before it is too late.

Let us take a look at how you can expect from 918Kiss App in the following session.

Top 10 Secrets About 918Kiss App

Online gambling is considered illegal in Malaysia. As such, most of the information is not publicized. Today, I am going to share with you the top 10 secrets about 918Kiss App that nobody will ever tell you:

  • 918Kiss was officially launched on 6th January 2018
  • 918Kiss is available in both Android APK and iOS version
  • 918Kiss has the most number of active players in Malaysia
  • 918Kiss is by far the most successful mobile slot games in Malaysia
  • 918Kiss has become an international slot gaming brand, having its footprint in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Brunei, and Indonesia.
  • 918Kiss does not has PC desktop version
  • 918Kiss offers the highest winning payout in the market, or even South East Asia countries
  • 918Kiss is owned by a business tycoon from North Malaysia
  • SCR888 (the previous version of 918Kiss) has a long operating history of about 10 years
  • more than 80% of 918Kiss’s slot games is copied from other slot gaming brand

Well, now you know what 918Kiss really is. It is always good to fully understand a product before you buy the product. Wanna play the slot game now? Try reading this post on how to download 918Kiss App, and you will find out it is such an easy process to download 918Kiss App.

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