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Can MEGA888 Become No.1 Slot Game in Malaysia?

by casinosearch88November 9, 2019

MEGA888 is the New SCR888

Well, guess everybody is pretty familiar with MEGA888, one of the most demanded mobile slot game in Malaysia today. It was reported by Utusan Malaysia that 1 out of every 3 local slot game players had experience playing MEGA888 in the past.

Speaking of mobile slot game in Malaysia, it’s quite improbable that you haven’t heard of SCR888. Right? It is one of the greatest mobile slot game of all time, until the termination of its game server sometime around 2 years ago. Many slot game brands have been fighting over the leftover of SCR888’s market share since then.

Nevertheless, a lot of players starting to fall in love with MEGA888, which can be explained by several factors. Firstly, its slot game design is pretty much the same as SCR888. Secondly, game speed is rapid, where you can possibly spin the reel for at least 50 times every minute. Lastly, which is also one of the most important factors, is that it offers extraordinarily high winning payout. Who doesn’t want to win more?

Things You Don’t Know About MEGA888

Although it has been in the market for almost 2 years, there are many secrets about MEGA888 that most of the people don’t know. I have a close friend, a childhood friend who has been working for MEGA888 headquarter for many years. You might be surprised by these top secrets:

  • MEGA888 and SCR888 share the same game developer team
  • MEGA888 actually copied the original slot game design from SCR888
  • Great Blue in MEGA888 offers the higher winning payout in Malaysia! This is the game you can make a good fortune
  • There is often a game maintenance during the third Saturday of every month. This is also the weakest time period of its game server. You should take note of this if you want to hack MEGA888
  • Play MEGA888 with Android smartphones, don’t play with iPhone. There is a game bug in its apk version where it tends to compensate more money
  • There are about 443,934 daily active players in MEGA888
  • It is owned by one of the Johorian business tycoon

This is why we think MEGA888 has the potential to become no.1 mobile slot game in Malaysia. It is meant to replace the old SCR888, if not for the 918KISS…

The Return of King: 918KISS

918KISS, some said it is actually SCR888. Yes, they are nearly the same. But most people don’t know that it is actually owned by a different boss from Sarawak, East Malaysia.

In September 2019, the slot game is being shut down due to governmental intervention. This also offers a great opportunity to all slot game brands in the market, as 918KISS used to be the largest slot game brand after SCR888.

At the beginning of November, 918KISS has resumed to operation all of sudden. That was an earthquake to the market. A lot of people didn’t believe it in the first place. We had also try to make contact with one of the licensed 918KISS casino agent – Kapten Cuci, to verify the rumors. And it turned out to be true.

There has been a huge drop in other slot games’ market share, every since the return of 918KISS. This poses a big threat to MEGA888 in building its slot game empire in Malaysia.

Can MEGA888 become the No1. Slot Game in Malaysia? It remains as a big question.

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