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Blackjack Matrix: Win Your Blackjack Now!

by casinosearch88November 15, 2016

Have you heard of the Blackjack Matrix? It is actually one of the greatest tricks in blackjack betting which can enable you to win lots of money. The game of blackjack has long been regards as the best casino game of all time. With so many blackjack players all around the world, there are lots of money to be won in this game.

Being such a popular game, there are certainly many players who are trying to outsmart the blackjack. With countless of trial and error, they finally gave birth to the Blackjack Matrix. This is one of the technique you can master the game with ease.  This article will guide you on how to use the blackjack matrix and bring consistency to your game.


If you have been playing blackjack long enough, you must have come across or at least heard the term ‘Blackjack Matrix’ before. This technique has been used by many casino players long before you are exposed to it. Up until now, the blackjack matrix remained widely used by most professional casino players to win their game. This matrix has a set of rules whereby you can follow to easily make the right decision to take advantage of any situation at any given time while playing the game. By no means that you will get to win all your hands when you use the matrix. However, this method has been proven over and over again to be effective when it comes to winning in the game of blackjack. All in all, it will help you to increase your winning odds while playing the game.

This matrix will guide you on your next step with the cards that you are dealt with. Some players even compare the blackjack matrix to card counting strategy. However, this matrix is much easier to understand and certainly more straightforward to apply in your game as well. Through using the blackjack matrix, you will no longer be indecisive when it comes to playing blackjack.


It is very normal that you often feel confuse when you are first using the blackjack matrix. By practicing more, anyone can get up to speed and be great at it. Through constant use of this tool, you will get more and more familiar with it. If you made time to practice it, it would just be a matter of time before you will no longer need to refer to the blackjack matrix as everything will be in your head. Therefore, you should practice as often as you like and you would eventually have memorized everything about it.


Before you start your game, it is important that you know the different hands while playing blackjack. Let’s run through some basics before we go deeper. First of all, the hard hand is a term used to call a hand having no Ace. On the other hand, a soft hand will often be used to describe a hand which has an Ace. In most situation, the Ace will get the value of one. In the event where you get two identical cards, it would be called a Pair. All players can choose to split their pairs into two single cards. After the split, they would be playing two hands with two individual cards to start off with.

If you are experienced in splitting the Pairs, you can actually have a higher chance reaping in higher rewards. However, some players never like to split their pairs. If they do not wish to split, they would be playing their cards as only one hand. Whenever you choose to split the pairs, you are required to make additional bets which will be same to your initial bet.

Players without experience can actually use the blackjack matrix system to get a higher chance of winning the game. The level of success will be determined by how far can you stick to the system in the long run. If you are a beginner when it comes to using this system, I would highly recommend that you print out the blackjack matrix and bring it along with you when you play the game. After printing out the matrix, you may even bring it along with you to the casino.


Most casino nowadays would allow their players to play the game using the blackjack matrix. However, different casinos would have a different policy. Therefore, it is recommended that you do ask the dealer for approval before using the matrix while playing blackjack.

To be on the safe side, the online casino would be a better place for you to use the blackjack matrix. Most online casino nowadays would support live streaming for the game of blackjack. It would be exactly the same as you play the game in the land casino. By betting it the online casino, you are able to freely use the blackjack matrix without any restriction.


The blackjack matrix has been used throughout the years and the result has been very favorable. If you compare the players who do not use the matrix with those who actually use it, the matrix users would always have a better chance of winning the game. Through the use of blackjack matrix, you can make better decision at any given time. It is definitely one of the most useful tool to apply in the game of blackjack. You just have to try it to belief it for yourself.


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